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December 12th, 2004Blackdawn Formed on Stormreaver
December 2004 New Members:
First Guild Leader
Straps (now Alaunus) Bronxigar
Marex Altier (now Fightgar)


March 2005Blackdawn transfers to Stormscale
March 2005The Seekers merge into Blackdawn
March 2005Tidewaster Covenant merges into Blackdawn
March 2005 New Members:
Rad Siris
Stonewake Larna
Loaded (now Reloaded)
April 2005Blood Legion with Team Canada merges into Blackdawn
April 2005 New Members
Terrick Geistlich Sticklyman Daellusx Corvendle Al Chad
July 8th, 2005
Lucifron defeated
July 30th, 2005 Magmadar defeated
July 2005 New Members:
August 19th, 2005 Gehennes defeated
August 26th, 2005 Garr defeated
August 30th, 2005 Baron Gedon defeated
August 30th, 2005 Shazzrah defeated

Chad, our token DPS warrior, was the last one left standing. Got the killing blow with his gun.

August 2005 New Members
Greg (now Blackhorn) Xdulla
September 19th, 2005 Golemagg defeated

Killed Golemagg with 0 left standing.

October 3rd, 2005 Sulfuron defeated
October 2005Bdcon #1: Washington, DC

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Ganbuk, Rhadamanthys, Gruu

October 2005 New Members
November 5th, 2005 Two Blackdawn members, Loaded and Milaria are featured in the Oklahoma Daily news
November 5th, 2005 Major Domo defeated
November 22nd, 2005 Onyxia defeated
December 2005 Bdcon #2: Derry, NH

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Varo, Artie, Bronxigar, Ferahue, Altier, Ganbuk


January 17th: Razorgore defeated

January 20th: Ragnaros defeated

January 2006 New Members:
Josec Kalazar
February 2006 New Members:
Sloot Jaganath (now Razieil)

March 7th: Vaelastraz defeated

March 17th: Broodlord defeated

March 2006 New Members:
Chopa Vrykyl Nettou Selyn Tabishidu Cylex

April 4th: Firemaw defeated

April 4th: Blackdawn kills Thunderaan and creates Thunderfury, our very first legendary!

April 9th: Ebonroc defeated

April 21st: Flamegor defeated

April 2006 New Members:

May 18th: Chromaggus defeated

June 5th: The Prophet Skeram defeated

June 2006 New Members:
Barrum Srmoosalot Hazzarrd Trembel

July 14th: Nefarian defeated

July 21st: The Bug Family defeated

July 25th: Battleguard Sartura defeated

July 2006 New Members:
Samoria Snapalope Soulstabber
August 2006 New Members:

September 24th: Azuregos defeated

September 2006 New Members:
Arcticblaze Bullnose

October 13th: Anubrekhan defeated

October: Ninja Looters leave Blackdawn. Much drama ensues.

October 2006 New Members:
Chythanus Eyepull Natureboi

November 26th: Emeriss defeated

November 2006 New Members:
Roxenne Squishy Rhedd

December 2nd: Lethon defeated

December 2nd: Taerar defeated

December Bdcon #3: Derry, NH

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Nettou, Selyn, Kalazar

December 2006 New Members:
Dedwen Odjit (now Kirabo) Buttkiker


January 12th: Fankriss defeated

January 16th Burning Crusade launches. Blackdawn continues to raid vanilla Naxxramas while leveling.

January 16th Straps officially becomes Alaunus because the guild needs consistent Paladins, and she was a terrible rogue! Luckily she takes to the paladin role, and is much more successful.

January 30th: Princess Huhuran defeated

February: Chad promoted to officer.

February 13th: Patchwerk defeated

February 16th: Instructor Razuvious defeated

March 13th: Gothik the Harvester defeated defeated

March 13th: Noth the Plaguebringer defeated defeated

March 23rd: High King Maulgar defeated defeated

March 2007 New Members:
Uglything Grythll

April 13th: Gruul defeated defeated

May 2007 New Members:

July Bdcon #4: Chesapeake, VA


Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Kalazar, Soulstabber, Stonewake, Meph, Rad, Tabishidu, Nettou, Xefarious

July 3rd: Void aka Loot aka Poop Reaver defeated

July 27th: The Lurker Below defeated

July 2007 New Members:
Knewdles Crookshanks

August 12th: Doomwalker defeated

August 17th: Hydross defeated

August 19th: Lord Kazzak defeated

Blackdawn changes leadership from guild leader to Triumvirate. First Triumvirate is Buckle, Kalazar, and Alaunus.

September 16th: Magtheridon defeated

Dedwen, Srmoosalot, and Kargall promoted to officers.

October 14th: Fathom-Lord defeated

October 14th: Morogrim Tidewalker defeated

October 17th: Solarian defeated

October 20th: Leotheras defeated

November 2007 New Members:

December 7th: Lady Vashj defeated

December 9th: Al'ar defeated

December Bdcon #5: Epsom, NH

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Nettou, Selyn, Srmoosalot, Roxenne, Kalazar, Barrum, Hazzarrd, Kargall, Crapsheath


January 11th: Kaelthas Sunstrider defeated

January 18th: Rage Winterchill defeated

January 25th: Antheron defeated

February 3rd: Kazrogal defeated

February 5th: Naj'entus defeated

February 5th: Supremus defeated

February 8th: Akama defeated

February 15th: Teron defeated

February 26th: Azgalor defeated

February 2008 New Members:
Kitka Syrlca

March 9th: Archimonde defeated

March 2008 New Members:

April 13th: Gurtogg Bloodboil defeated

April 27t: Reliquary of Souls defeated

April 2008 New Members:
Ninjavc Phatrick Cocheeze

May 4th: Mother Shahraz defeated

May 11th: Illidari Council defeated

June 15th: Illidan defeated

July Bdcon #6: Seattle, WA

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Kalazar, Al, Chad, Disharmony, Gavrell, Oograx

July 2008 New Members:
Vexryn Palencia
(now Drapo)

August 26th: Kalecgos defeated

August 2008 New Members:
Xorba Bryan
September 2008 New Members:
November 2008 New Members:
December 2008 New Members:

December Bdcon #7: Epsom, NH

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Kalazar, Al, Chad, Tabishidu, Meph, Friendship, Kitka, Syrcla, Demoora, Selyn, Propheter, Tudd


April 14th: Flame Levithan defeated

April 17th: Razorscale defeated

April 19th: Deconstrutor defeated

April 21st: Ignis defeated

April 24th: Iron Council and Kologarn defeated

April 28th: Hodir defeated


May 3rd: Thorim defeated

May 8th: Freya defeated

May 2nd: Mimiron defeated

May 31st: General Vezax defeated

May 2009 New Members:

July 5th: Yogg Saron defeated

July 7th: Flame Levithan (hardmode) defeated

July 2009 New Members:

August 5th: Northrend Beasts (normal) defeated

August 7th: Hodir (hardmode) defeated

August 11th: Jaraxxus (normal) and Deconstrutor (hardmode) defeated

August 14th: Iron Council (hardmode) defeated

August 18th: Faction Champions (normal) defeated

August 25th: Twin Val'kyr (normal) defeated

August 2009 New Members:
Daarr Sinjirr

December Bdcon #8: Destin, FL

Attended by: Buckle, Straps, Kalazar, Al, Chad, Tabishidu, Meph, Kitka, Syrcla, Cylex, Srmoosalot, Propheter, Tudd

September 8th: Anub'rekhan (normal) defeated

September 20th: Thorim (hardmode) defeated

September 29th: General Vezax (hardmode) defeated

September 2009 New Members:
Zesutal Bjork

October 18th: Northrend Beasts defeated

October 20th: Freya (hardmode +3) defeated

October 23rd: Yogg Saron (hardmode +3) defeated

October 23rd: Alaunus crafts Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

October 25th: Jaraxxus defeated

October 2009 New Members:

December 1st: Faction Champions defeated

December 6th: Twin Val'kyr defeated

December 10th: Icecrown Citadel Lower Spire Cleared


January 8th: Rotface defeated

January 8th: Festergut defeated

January 22nd: Blood Council defeated

January 31st: Putricide defeated

February 2010 New Members:

February 5th: Valithria defeated

February 19th: Blood Queen Lanathel defeated

February 28th: Sindragosa defeated

March 2010 New Members:

March 21st: Algalon defeated

April 2010 New Members:

March 21st: Lich King defeated

May New Members:
June 2010 New Members:
June New Members:
July 2010 New Members:
Malfunktion Peachdown Scootie
August 2010 New Members:
October 2010 New Members:
November 2010 New Members:
Suzakux Meatlog


February 2011 New Members:
April 2011 New Members:
Varrex Xn
May 2011 New Members:
June 2011 New Members:
Feardpamer Hunchpunch Kravanix (aka Slydr) Smilinknight

Help me fill in missing items!

Major Domo Kill Shot
Ebonroc Kill Shot
Flamegor Kill Shot
Skeram Kill Shot
Bug Family Kill Shot
Satura Kill Shot
Azurgose Kill Shot
Huhuran Kill Shot
Patchwerk Vanilla Kill Shot
Razuvious Vanilla Kill Shot
Gothik Vanilla Kill Shot
Noth the Plaguebringer Vanilla Kill Shot
High King Maulgar Kill Shot
Wrath Nax Kills
Bdcon #4 Group Picture
Doomwalker Kill Shot
Hydross Kill Shot
Picts for: Trembel Arcticblaze Eyepull Natureboi Grythll NinjaVC Palencia Bryan Oninova Deadshnoopy Roin Dalkon Trazor (add to page) Sinjirr (add to page) Bjork
#11 | Artie on August 31 2010 10:30:04 PM
really cool history, thanks for saving this!
#12 | RoseFireLite on September 19 2010 07:45:46 PM
I am not a member, but OMG Wow!!! This is the best Guild history EVER!!!

RoseFireLite - Ret Pally
Stormscale - Horde
Order Through Chaos
Grin Cool
#13 | Painrealm on November 01 2010 11:42:42 PM
wow you guys seem like a family, and everyone works well together and still have a good social life outside of wow too. Intriguing
#14 | Internet seatcher on January 13 2011 04:40:52 PM
Hi, i was just wondering what weapon "Artie - Hunter" (2005-2006) was using when he took this printscreen


i cant find any info of this weapon anywhere on the internet ( i'm talking bout the thing he got in his back)
#15 | PhatRick on November 28 2011 10:13:58 PM
Forgot how awesome this was!
#16 | Stinkykronic on September 09 2012 08:48:54 AM
I just want one of the shirts!
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