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01/22/2020 12:05:16 AM

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Chimaeron Down!
Ascendant Council
Magmaw, Atramedes and Maloriak Down!

Realm Rank

GuildOx rankings

Cataclysm 0, Blackdawn 4!
Omnotron, Halfus, Conclave, and Valiona/Theralion down!

Raid Schedule
Applicants and new members, as a reminder, our raid times are:

Tuesday 5:30-9:30 PST
Friday 5:30-9:30 PST
Sunday 4-8 PST

Invites start 15 minutes early.
Raids can on occasion be extended by 30 to 60 minutes.
Our first 25man raid will be on Dec. 14. You must have an average item level of 340 to raid.
Twilight Destroyers!
Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer (25 player)
Third Shadowmourne!
Gratz to Raouh on the guild's third
Herald of the Titans
[Herald of the Titans]

Thanks to everyone who put in the time to get this done and those who helped us gear up in 25man Ulduar :)
Lets put our heads together...
Grats winners of
Mimiron's Head

Winners to date: Chythanus, Drapo, Zesutal, Roinujidnac, Xorba, Srmoosalot, Razieil, Firekraker, Buttkiker, Dedwen, Buckle, Kirabo, Maethoron
The Immortal

It's never too late to become Immortal!