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01/21/2020 11:37:46 PM

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Some Guild Announcements
First off, I know that being on SR really alienates me from a lot of you. I also know that Siris is feeling the same way that I am, a bit helpless and frustrated at the situation. But I want you to know that both Siris and I are trying to get things sorted out to the best of our abilities.

I also don't want you all to think I'm ditching you to play on SR. This weekend was the first chance I got to play at all, period, for a week and a half. That's not the norm, and I don't intend it to be.

Now then, several things have been brought up to me, so I want to address them now and hopefully get them settled.

Congratulations to both Varo and Thefitz on being promoted to Officers, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails. The responsibilities of the officers are found in Blackdawn charter.

Furthermore, any founding members of either Blackdawn or Seekers who are NOT of the Veteran rank or higher please see me or another officer for immediate promotion.

New officer class positions are going to be implemented as soon as I have the people to fill the slots and nominations are finalized. These positions are below current officer levels of power, but maintain a rank higher than Veteran. The ranks are as follows:

Raid Leader

Master Alchemist
Master Swordsmith
Master Axesmith
Master Macesmith
Master Shieldsmith
Master Armorsmith
Master Elementalist
Master Tribalist
Master Dragonscaler
Master Gnomish Engineer
Master Goblin Engineer
Master Enchanter
Master Tailor

I'll be accepting nominations, of yourself or others, for these positions. The only qualifications for any of these positions is that you've completed any requisite quests, have 300 ranks in the base skill, and at least 75% of the available recipes to you.

The duties of these positions are to be the primary provider of your tradeskill to the guild, and to keep track of and mentor all those in the guild who are of the same profession. The Masters, as any other members of the guild, may never profit from their skills in the guild, but may work at cost if that is their decision.

The benefits of being a Master is that you gain primary rights to drop recipes and patterns not pre-claimed at the start of a group (As per Blackdawn bylaws). If you already have the recipes, it's your job to pass it on to whichever of your apprentices needs it the most at no more cost than it was to you. Random rolling is permissable to determine which of several apprentices receive it, as they may be of equal need.

The way this works is to account for high level drop recipes that are not claimed before the mission sets out. The above does not give Masters rights to recipes farmed or purchased by other members, nor can a Master claim rights to a recipe that is dropped in a group where another group member stated at onset it is her intention to find it (beginning of an instance, a farming expedition, etc).

Anything purchased by a player with his own money is his own to do with. I'll not regulate that, ever.

So, why do this? For starts, everyone adores a great fantasy title. Second, it's a lot of work for one man, or even myself and the officers, to keep track of everyone's profession and who needs what and when. This way, it's a lot like the buddy system, only tiered. Everyone watches out for those beneath him, and we're able to coordinate ourselves accordingly.

Obviously, if this doesn't work out, we can come up with a new trade system, but I know this is used in other guilds successfully.

Again, if anyone has any issues, comments, complaints, or even a compliment or two (where applicable), do not hesitate at all to contact me. I'm more than willing to get things settled immediately with a minimum of fuss.

We'll also be instituing a Guild Bank character, whose purpose is to collect items, money, trade requirements, and recipes. Each week, that characters inventory will be posted and people may claim things on a first-come-first-serve basis with the prerequisite that you need to have donated in order to withdraw. Masters gain primary claiming rights to recipes and rare trade items.

Thanks a lot for reading, and I'll post again soon.
Gank Central

If you haven't already, download the three addons from this page:


This will track your pvp wins and losses and report it to the above site for ratings. Currently, Blackdawn is #1 on Stormscale, thanks to solely the work of Meph. :D
New User Creation

New account creation has been temporarily disabled while we iron out some kinks. We'll have that back up, or a suitable replacement, shortly.

The Great Migration

And so it's begun, as most of you well know by now. I apologize for being unavailable during the weekend, I had longstanding plans and this server and merge just happened to coincide with it. I trust in the BD officers, who did well to move a lot of you over, and I'm happy to say that Blackdawn has been reestablished on Stormscale.

To those we say goodbye to on Stormreaver, the best of luck to you. You're always welcome to come with us, either in the form we knew you or as an alternate, but if you choose not to, have fun and don't let the insanities of Blizzard ruin your good time.

To those from the Seekers that we welcome, I know we're going to make something great on Stormscale. I'm excited to work with all of you.

I'll be staying on Blackdawn until tonight or tomorrow night to help usher over any remaining folks, then coming to Stormscale to reclaim guild leadership. At that time, I'll take an inventory of our membership and officers, and if I find we need more administration, some more officers will be appointed.

By Blackdawn charter, I'd like to have 1 officer for every 10 members plus an additional one for tiebreakers if there is an odd amount of officers (odd number of officers plus the leader equals an even number, so dead heats could be made). I know there are more officers than necessary at the moment, but there are also more people who need to be transferred and reinstated.

So, if there are any problems, you can get in touch with me through this forum, the Seekers board (Board consolidation is next step! :) ), or at buckle@blackdawn.fragmentsofheaven.com.

Talk to you all soon!
The Newest Proposal
Siris of the Seekers has come to me with a proposal regarding character transferral. The idea is this: Blackdawn and Seekers both move, in whole (or as close to as possible), to the Stormscale server at which point the Seekers disband and reform under the Blackdawn name.

If we decide to do this, Blackdawn would become a very daunting Horde guild on the Stormscale server and would be well prepared to deal with both high-end Raid content and Battlegrounds both. Not only that, but we would be on a lower population server that is rumoredly more stable and has a budding new economy.

At this point, it's not a secret that I'm in favor of the idea. However, it's not just my guild, so I need you folks to let me know what you think. I heard many of your opinions last night, and right now I know that we would lose several members in the switch, though the ones who would stay on Stormreaver said they would roll alts with us on Stormscale.

It's a difficult decision, I don't deny that at all. However, we're on a limited timeline, transferral ends April 1st, so I need to make a decision by tonight so that we can get everything taken care of between us and the Seekers before then. So let's get the decisions going into the same forum folder we were using before, and folks who spoke about it last night, I know your opinion so if you could, just leave a condensed blurb so those new to the sitaution see the overall feeling.

Thanks, everyone, for your patience during this. It was always Blackdawn's intention to be a heavy hitter in Battlegrounds, and I think this is a great chance. We're still going to stick to everything else we wanted, too, which is a care-free envrionment where no one is going to min-max you to death or call you a noob, or a bluebie or any other kind of remark. We all just want to be able to play how we want, when we want.

Latest Patch Download
The newest patch is now available for download right here on our servers.

Click here to download: March 22 Patch

A Couple Things
The first is primarily that I've been really sick the past few days. I contracted pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and have been out of my head on medication. Or maybe I just got the flu, either way, I've not been ignoring you guys. I'm just a grumpy, grumpy person when I'm sick. :)

That leads me into the second thing, which is serious thought about server transferral. We've already had one member definitely leave, which is a shame, but he sends his regards and states that Stormscale is a decent place. The impression that I get from most folks is that they hate Stormreaver, and I don't know if I've just been fortuitous but I don't experience the constant disconnects, and SR is hardly ever on the list of servers taken down for emergency maintence that fixes nothing.

It might also be the time of day I play, I don't know.

So now we have a vote up, to decide ultimately what people want to do. Neither the transferral FAQ nor the Character Move menu state when the transferral period will end, so we should decide quickly.

The final thing is the election of officers. I need two more, possibly one more on top of that should either of my current officers decide to leave the position. This will help coordinate things in the event of a guild transfer, and improve guild workings in general. So, if you wish to express someone or yourself for officer candidacy, PST/mail me in game, or contact me at buckle@blackdawn.fragmentsofheaven.com.
Character Transferral = Parking Lot Syndrome
Stormreaver is the sixth on the list to allow for a character transfer, to a server that has yet to be announced.

I have a feeling that they're going to announce the ability to transfer, then 90% of the people are going to wait to let the server clear out before they make a decision. And because they're all waiting, no one's going to move and the server is going to stay crowded.

I say let it. I disike Stormreaver's instability, but I dislike even more the thought of trying to coordinate a move of over thirty people and their 60+ guilded characters to a new server. Not to mention we don't know what the Seekers are going to do, and I'd like very much to maintain that alliance.

So, my vote is to stick it out. I'd like to hear other peoples' thoughts. This is an informal vote, my final say is that people can move to a new server if they wish, and best of luck to them, but Blackdawn, until further notice, is staying on Stormreaver.

I said it earlier to Strap, but I believe character transferral is a bandaid solution to their inability to fix server problems. With Blizzard's track record so far, I don't trust them to be able to keep my character intact through a server switch.

I'm opening a forum thread for this.
Guild Night 3/13/05 - Uldaman
We're looking to do the outer parts (ie lower level) of Uldaman this Sunday. If you're interested be around Sunday after 3:00PM. If we get enough interest maybe we'll take on something harder too.

See ya then!
It's Patch Time Again!
Get all the latest news on the upcoming patch here and be sure to keep in mind that it will likely break Cosmos, if you use it.

Then again, most of us won't need to after this patch, yay!
Raid this Sunday!
In case people don't check the forums all that often, I'm trying to coordinate a raid this weekend with the Seekers. We have a tentative date of Sunday the 6th at 3pm, and we'll be raiding Astranaar in Ashvenvale.

Bring your mops and buckets because we're going to wipe the floor with the pointy ears!