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11/22/2019 07:04:36 PM

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Too Funny to Not Be An Update
Lord Kazzak attacking Lakeshire. Trained all the way.


When I download the whole thing, I'll host it here, too. Goddamn, it's awesome.
So, Blackdawn is finally fully together on Stormscale. What a load off my mind that is, considering it was my final decision to move and merge and then some of us got left behind. I couldn't help but feel like there were several sets of murderous eyes directed at me from those left on Stormreaver.

That's behind us now, and I have to say I'm really quite happy. Blizzard's snafu (a term which I just learned recently means, "Situation Normal: All fucked up") actually benefitted us, because after fifteen or so hours, they realized their mistake and broke the transfer link, so no one else got through. So, we were able to transfer without the mass exodus that would have normally occurred.

Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, Larna proposed a raid Sunday night, which I'm all for. If you'd like to contribute to deciding where we hit, head over to the forums. At the moment we're thinking of hitting Auberdine, to Menethil, to Theramore. Brox wants to take down Jaina Proudmoore, and I'm all for giving it a try. I hear she's tough, she made an appearance at the end of beta and has some devastating AoE.

Donlogan's Ventrilo server is a big hit. We had a dozen or more people using just the Blackdawn channel last night, and three or four other of the big guilds were sharing the channels he set up for them. Not only is it a wonderful contribution to the guild, it instantly gives us some standing in the eyes of the other guilds, which is a very good thing.

Other than that, the results of the officers meeting ended with a refocusing of guild recruitment. At the moment, we're no longer actively recruiting rogues. I know that Barron has a friend who wanted to come over that I approved long before this decision, so he'll be the last for now. The Holy Trinity is our priority, with secondary focus on Druids and Shamans because, let's face it, they kick ass.

So if you group with any of these five classes, generally level 30 and up (but not restricted to), and they're fun, friendly, and not complete muppets, please inform an officer about potential recruitment.

Other than that, be sure to be supportive of your fellow guildmates, help out where and when you can, and we'll get back to the good fight.

In webpage news, Strap figured out HOW TO FIX it so that avatars are not limited by that small pixel size any more. She'll be making that change soon, along with some others.

Fixed now! I want to see everyone's shiny new avatar up.
Ventrilo Info
I just put up a site with the info to our Ventrilo server. You should see it over there to left. If you're not logged in you won't see it. Member's only info y'know.

Thank Donlogan for the server!
Transfers work!
It's not announced officially, so go to this page:


Strap and I just transferred our characters successfully. Go quickly!
Blizzard is still a bunch of pricks, but...
We have updated this news post based on communications with the support teams and their feedback from players. We apologize for the confusion regarding this issue, and are working to bring both functions back as soon as possible.


Due to an overwhelming volume of character transfers from high-population to low-population live realms and character copies to the test realm for the purpose of helping us test our upcoming patch content, we’ve had to disable the character-transfer/copy functions for all realms sooner than anticipated to avoid any overflows. We’ll continue monitoring the realm populations and announce the re-enabling of the character copies to the test realm, as well as the character transfers to the designated low-population realms from the eligible high-population realms, as soon as possible.
Blizzard is a bunch of fucking pricks.

Character Transfers Closed - Tyren on 4/13/05
Due to an overwhelming volume of transfers from high-population to low-population live realms, as well as to the test realm for the purpose of helping us test our upcoming patch content, we've had to close the character-transfer function for all realms sooner than anticipated to avoid any overflows. We'll continue monitoring the realm populations and announce the reopening of the transfers to the test realm when possible, as well as to low-population realms from any eligible high-population realms should such transfers continue to be necessary.
Officer Meeting Wednesday 4/13 9pm Eastern

Officer meeting tomorrow night at 9pm Eastern to be started in Officer chat, and if everyone's able, we'll move over to TS/Vent to conduct it.

Nothing 'serious' to be discussed, just a general overview of our PvP and recruitment management, and anything else people are concerned with. The meeting should last no more than 15 minutes.

If you're not an officer, but would like to contribute something to the meeting, please inform an officer of what you would like discussed and we'll go over it. Try to be available during the meeting, in case we need you for clarification.

Transfers are up again!

Late-breaking news! Transfers have been reopened and will stay open until Monday the 18th. This means don't wait, don't dillydally, move as soon as possible!
Transfers to Reopen

Word from Ordinn on the Blizz forums; transfers should be open again this week.

Can't. Friggin'. Wait.
Nominations for Masters
The following people have been nominated for Master positions. Not all have been accepted, and none are finalized. If you would like to nominate yourself or others for one of these or any of the other positions, let me know.

Master Gnomish Engineer - Siris
Master Alchemist - Art
Master Enchanter - Shardus
Master Armorsmith - Varo
Master Tailor - Hagakure
Just some notes
In my process of trying to recruit a group of what I think would be several fantastic additions (I know I'm not the only one drooling over the prospect), I explained our loot structure. For the most part, these rules are common sense, and by no means concrete law. In fact, it's just about the way we've been doing things all along, but with so many new people, it's good to get some clarification.

Rather than dropping a wall of text, click the Read More below to see them if you're not already familiar with them. And because it's quite early in the morning, if I made a mistake typing it up, someone who does nightly raids will correct me.