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01/22/2020 12:11:33 AM

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Weekend Update with...Brox?
This weekend was fairly eventful as a guild, considering we competed with the S-Bowl on Sunday.

We have a new recruit, Uggh (If the spelling is off, I apologize, my memory is shot), a lvl 33 warr. Should fit with the lvl 30's group very well! Welcome aboard.

We also have a new chat channel to join, SRFederation. We share this channel with the Seekers, Tidewaster Covenant and Despair Guilds. Simply join /SRFederation. Please use this chat to look for groups for quests, instances, or pvp raids. Plans for raids/instance runs are in the making!

Also, on Saturday, the seekers setup a PvP session with the Miratos High Guard. BD members were more than welcome to attend, unfortunately, most of us were mid-instance at the scheduled time and missed it. The battle took place on Fray island SE of Ratchet and more are being planned. They did set up some situational combat, which sounds like alot of fun. I will be certain to post the date on the next pvp event and hopefully we'll be able to make a solid showing!

I know several of you are looking to complete instances. Either send me a tell in game, or , post in the instance forum so we can plan to help you finish them up.

For the Horde,

PS For a good laugh, check out the priest Mind Control video in the PvP forum.

EDIT: Correction on chat channel. Changed to SRFederation
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