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11/22/2019 07:05:49 PM

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State of the Guild Address
So, my guildlings, in a few hours, Strap and I will be whisked away to foggy, chilly, rainy Scotland and you will be without our venerables presence for a week. This will be a terrible occurence, I know, but you shall perservere!


For the time being, Shardus and Broxigar are my interim officers, and my right and left hand men. So if you have any complaints, issues, praises, etc, please speak with them and if they can, they will right it for you. If not, they'll pass it on to me and I'll make some sort of formal ruling. That's my job, after all, to keep you folks happy.

While they have the power, if you all find someone you think would be a perfect fit for our guild, please alert them to speak with either Shard or Brox, or have one of these two talk to the candidate. It's one of my highest goals to achieve a large, strong guild of all age ranges so that we can build a cooperative community on Stormreaver. I know most of you want the same thing, and that's why I think we can achieve it.

As for intra-guild news, there is a gallery for tabards up. Please check them out and see if you like any of them. If you don't, feel free to use the tabard designer on WoW Vault or the tabard merchant in Ogrimmar or The Undercity and take some pics to upload. All images have to be less than 999x999 pixels. I'll go through when I get back and put up the poll and we can all vote for a few days and we'll finalize it. Also, if folks want to send me some coins, from 10c to 10g, it's up to you, it'll help me get the tabard faster.

For reference, my favorite is G.

I'll be putting a link to our site with an open call on the Stormreaver boards today, so if anyone in game stops to ask you about our guild, be friendly, and as above, direct them to Shardus or Broxigar for an invitation.

Thanks everyone! Have a great week, and I'll be in touch with you all again next Friday or Saturday.

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