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01/22/2020 12:08:10 AM

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A Decade of Blackdawn!
Holy fuck, we are OLD.
Highmaul Raiding Dec. 2nd
Git some, bitches!
Blackdawn is recruiting in 5.4!

Blackdawn is seeking all roles for raiding in 5.4. When virtual realms go live, we will be attempting to transition back from 10 to 25 man raiding, or at least supporting 2 full time 10 man raid groups.

We are accepting applications for all roles, though favoring classes on the vanquisher and protector tokens at this time. All good applicants should apply regardless. See Buckle or Chuckle in game or respond via the application link on this site.
Happy 8th Anniversary, Blackdawn!
Mogu'shan Vaults Complete!

Pre-MOP Raiding
For the next few weeks/months prior to the release of Mists of Pandaria, our raid schedule will be slightly different. We will be raiding only Tuesdays and Sundays, for ~3.5 hours, with the same start times. The in-game calendar has been updated to reflect that.

Within the next few weeks, we will have a 'rank lock in' going into MoP, so people can preserve their raiding ranks when we start up in Mists, so keep your attendance high and show up to these raids!
And the fun begins...

Blackdawn MVP Mar 6th
Congratulations to this week's MVP: Straylight...

...Straylight was nominated by his peers for his quick thinking and effective timing of his survival cooldowns to stay alive just long enough for heroic Zon'ozz to die for our first kill! Of course, his performance as one of the top 3 dps didn't hurt, either!

Straylight will be awarded 25 bonus RBPs for his awesome performance.

Remember, you can nominate MVPs using the Dropbox as well. We will recognize 1 or 2 MVPs each week; more information on the criteria here.

Stay tuned for this week's winner next Tuesday!
What? Zon'ozz Down?

And Heroic Ultraxion too!

Heroic Yor'sahj Finally Down!